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Mom of six. Wife of Katie. Creative by nature.
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What We Do
In short, we adult a lot and try to sneak in some play time where we don't have to adult so seriously
So, I'm admitting upfront that I used a template for the site... a rather nifty little thing actually, but some of the titles and text suggestions or examples had me laughing hysterically, albeit quietly because my Katie luv is alseep next to me. My "quiet" hysterics sounded kind of like I was choking and then it happened... I snorted.  That  made me laugh a little too hard to be quiet anymore so I had to sneak out of our room and go calm down in the kitchen. I've resigned to the fact that I probably shouldn't work on websites or blogs when I'm deleriously tired, especially if Katie is sleeping.  I really cannot even explain what was so funny, but I think sleep deprivation is to blame.

Anyway, the suggested title here was "What We Do..." I can't think of anything better so what we do is raise kids, spoil the animals, work, pay bills, love, laugh, solve the world's problems (in our world of course), and explore life, mostly stumbling, but at least we're moving forward and that's all that matters.
By the way, this awesome photo is of me playing my bass guitar in church many moons ago.  Photo taken by David Csiszer.